About Trendware

About Trendware as a Digital Agency and IT Provider of Web Solutions

Are you looking for a provider of web solution or complex development tasks that a digital agency can provide?
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Trendware is a company that develops software solutions and provides consulting services.

In addition to solving several consulting tasks, we also have extensive experience developing several really good software solutions - such as, telereg, hm-3, hm-2, mp-2, tw station, tw sms gateway, tw data exchange, rocawa, tw fleet tracking and more. You can read more about the solutions we have provided as a software company here.

As is evident from other information on our website, we work on many fronts and enter into trade and cooperation agreements with partners on various products.

We are an innovative company with many years of experience who is in constant development.

This is briefly some information about Trendware and some of our solutions. We hope this has given you an insight into our visions and current capabilities.

With us as your IT supplier, you are in safe hands now and in the future - you will not find a better choice.

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