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Web app for presenting telephony for Denmark and Sweden divided into company tree, and distributed on stations.
Here the user can see consumption figures broken down monthly and into quarters.
There are functions for lending, putting units in stock, sending a unit for repair and more.
Organizational trees, users, stations and consumption data from various telecom providers are automatically imported.
In addition, it is e.g. possible to see: which units are lent. What units does a person have. What units does a station have. Which units are for repair.
All in one system.

SOS Dansk Autohjælp

Stationsløsning 24/7/365

A complete desktop and server system for SOS Dansk Autohjælp for handling driving-orders (trips) from the alarm center, handling and invoicing of trips.
Easy overview of ongoing trips with color indications for status, action required, priority as well as SLA timeout.
These can then be deployed to cars across the country that take care of helping each customer with the system in hand on their tablet. There is built-in assistance for handling as well as automatic handling of trips to the most suitable car. When the trip is completed, the system will automatically approve, terminate and create an invoice for the trip. There's also car-status display and location on map (Google Maps) - with zoom, address search, history of trips, and more.

Includes: Trip management, billing, Google Maps, schedule, payroll, database synchronization, web services, database design, message system, statistics system, etc.


Offer calculation via web app for plumbing-installers and plumbing-calculators.
Product data from Danish wholesalers are combined as units that can be used directly in an offer. Own net prices are automatically loaded from the individual wholesalers so that each customer has access to the correct discount prices.
Various integrations have been made, for example with Klarpris, Minuba, Ordrestyring, the CVR register and more.
Online report generator for e.g. customization of offer documents.
There are advanced search and spreadsheet-like entry forms, all to make it easy and quick to create an offer.


HM-3, HM-2, MP-2, VIDI, EEGO, HM KeyLink

Various systems for monitoring mice, rats and mini pigs as research tools for various pharmaceutical companies around the globe (eg Denmark, Germany, England, Sweden, USA, New Zealand).
Data is collected 1000 times a second. This includes: RFID reading, automatic weighing of animals, automatic weighing of food intake (food or drink).
There is configurable report generator with lists, graphs and export of data in various file formats (eg PDF, XLSX, DOCX, CSV, etc) and much more.

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The above is just a selection of some IT jobs and IT solutions Trendware has delivered over time.
If you have some requirements or wishes that are not described, you can be sure that we have tried most and what we have not tried, we can certainly knit together.

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VM 4000

Maintenance system - preventive and remedial, as well as complete inventory management

Document all maintenance and get a complete overview.
Build a tree structure with all of your basic data, with the opportunity to specify customers, ships, departments, groups, plants/components and tasks - as well as all the sub-plants needed.
Includes internal mail / messages and incident reporting management. Do inspections, record break downs (time, cost and materials) etc.
With the overview window or the KPI list, you can instantly get an overview of ongoing tasks, tasks that need to be started, how many have been completed split up on employees and categories.
Integrated or independent inventory management - completely independent but built-in system for takes, entries, inventory, orders and purchase orders.
VM 4000 app for the mobile solution - really popular and a huge win in the everyday life of the company.


Lending, inspection and registration of tools, electric boards etc.

Easy and simple registration of tools with template, lending and receiving of tools, case management and creation of travel notes.
VM EL has many modules as well as VM EL app for mobility.
Use tool number, RFID tags or barcodes to keep track of the tool.
Divided into districts/departments so that all locations can be included and it is possible to search across districts to find exactly the tool needed - who has it and where is it.