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App Development / Mobile Development

If you want to become mobile, we can provide your solution for both iOS and Android - virtually the absolute leading markets for mobile apps - App Store and Google Play.

Udvikling af app til tablet

Your project can no doubt be realized as a mobile app. Our talented project managers can specify with you exactly what it takes to develop the right solution that creates the added value you want. The project manager guides you through the entire process and is an intermediary to our app developers. We make sure your app can do everything you imagined.

Our team has provided a wide range of mobile app solutions since 2013 which have helped to improve digital quality assurance.

There is a big difference in design if you want an app on tablet and/or mobile - we guide you through the pitfalls and develop the app that best meets your needs.

We have great success in bridging an existing database solution and making it mobile via our Broker Server and Broker Client solution, with built-in license management combined with frontend web app. We have integrated with Visma, customer specific solutions in MSSQL database etc.

We develop native apps in Xcode and Android Studio for iOS and Android respectively.

We can help you all the way - consulting, requirements specification, solution suggestions, iOS/Android development, testing, implementation and operation of your app project.

Contact us here and let us develop your app and be a part of your success.

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Read more about some of the app solutions we have provided here:

TIME APP (iOS and Android native, as well as Delphi Firemonkey)

Mobile registration of time and materials within the artisan industry. Users can see assigned cases / tasks and thus keep up with their progress.

Time recording is also an important part of the solution as it provides the opportunity to record the hours and materials that have been used on a particular project or case.

Simple quality assurance using questionnaires that can be completed quickly on the go.

Direct update of hour and material consumption in the Visma Business accounting system from mobile phone or tablet.

VM 4000 APP (iOS and Android native)

Quality assurance app which is an advanced solution with integration to VM 4000 maintenance and inventory management system. Complete management of maintenance tasks including start, pause, stop, attachment of images and documents viewing. Inventory management has departures, approaches, counting and sales orders.

There is also incident reporting etc. in this app solution. The customer's local database is accessed via a secure connection.

VM EL APP (iOS and Android native)

Complete solution with the ability to lend tools, search across districts, scan QR codes, barcodes as well as RFID tags in the app so there is a lot of functionality. It is also possible to register inspections, wanted, etc. This storage management app integrates with VM EL tool system.

FILE APP (Android native)

A super simple solution for the customer to take pictures when picking up and delivering vehicles and linking them to ongoing cases. The solution is integrated with web server, MSSQL database, Azure Storage, as well as camera and gallery on mobile device.

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