Web Development

Web Development

Web applications, which in many ways are similar to traditional Windows applications, offer a wide range of benefits in terms of roll-out, updates and availability.

We have worked with web development for a number of industries, with integrations with different platforms for the utilization of third-party systems. If you need to have your data integrated externally, eg to other systems, we offer to develop an API for your system (SOAP/REST web service).
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Some examples of solutions:

  • ECITSOFT: development of a web solution where data from the Visma accounting system can be accessed via a browser.
  • Evercalc: total web solution for the plumbing industry for bidding etc.
  • License management: a web solution for managing licenses in a company or department within a group where all programs on one device (PC or tablet) can be verified before accessing one or more systems and rejected or removed.

The systems are designed in close collaboration with the customer with their needs and desires, as well as requirements for design and functionality.

Online Marketing

We can also offer search engine optimization assistance - our competent staff are certified in the Google products, AdWords, Analytics, Youtube and more. It is a vital parameter if your new site is to reach the right target groups. The assistance includes review of sales website, suggestions for optimizations, text rewrite. Additionally, campaign with AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

We help you all the way - consulting, requirements specification, solution proposals, development, testing, implementation, operation and marketing.

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